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Today's Bank Holiday Treatment Procedures - All against insects!

🔹Wasp Nest Treatment in Darwen, carried out within an air brick that was leading into the homeowners gas meter cupboard ☑️

🔹Wasp Nest Treatment in Clitheroe that found entry via the lower guttering leading into the homeowners loft ☑️

🔹Clothes Moth Treatment in Rochdale at a homeowners property that had been evident for a considerable amount of time. Images attached of the larvea stage which feeds on fibres and carpets!

🔹 Wasp Nest Treatment in Haslingden at a lovely commercial establishment which was causing huge risks for their visitors which followed with an amazing review!

🔹Survey carried out in Burnley against pigeons found evident externally in a homeowners property - Neighbouring properties unfortunately the cause due to the food source frequently being left out!

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