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Accrington Wasp Nest Treatment and Removal - Wasp Control in Accrington, Lancashire

Wasp Nest Treatment and Wasp Nest removal conducted at a lovely property in Accrington this afternoon.

The homeowner contacted ourselves after a finding a progressive nest had formed right above their front door entrance, posing a huge health risk!

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd ®️ attended the property within an hour of recieving the initial enquiry.

This nest was safely treated with a dust insecticidal treatment procedure followed by an application of a Laquer Insecticide to where the nest had been removed in which enables the foraging wasps returning to the nest to rapidly die off.

This nest was a good size for early June and would have considerable grown in size to an average of 6000-9000 wasps!

" Don't get Stung from other companies this summer time on costs for Wasp Nest Treatments "

All of our treatment procedures are fully guaranteed 100%.

The videos taken are prior to the treatment procedure then after the nest has been treated.

Please visit our dedicated website for more information on Wasp Nest Removals in your town of residence.

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